My name is Neil Pitchford and I am a self employed Gas Engineer who just so happens to be a modern Druid with an increasing and re-emerging passion for photography. I am fortunate to live in one of the most photogenic countries in the world, Scotland.

I first lit the passion for photography in the late 1970's at secondary school in Nottinghamshire, England where I used to take my own photos with a Zenith SLR and then developed and printed my own pictures. I returned to photography with the purchase of an entry level Nikon D3200 after flirting with bridge cameras for a number of years. My current camera is the Nikon D850 full frame.

My photography is mainly landscape and nature based, as that is also how I interact in a spiritual sense, through interactions with and through nature and the Earth.

If any of my images are of interest or of use to you, please do contact me through the contact page of this website.

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